First Dance Wedding Song Ideas

A newlywed couple sharing their first dance at their wedding reception.

As a wedding photographer and huge music nerd, I absolutely love hearing all the different first dance songs! If you don’t have a “song” with your partner prior to your wedding day, your first dance song is usually the song that will become what you’ll continually refer to as “our song” for years to come. It’s a song you’ll cherish with your honey forever- why not make it extra special?!

I thought it would be fun to start keeping track of all the songs I heard used as first dance songs and make a playlist! As I was creating it, I realized there were soooo many good songs I hadn’t yet heard as a first dance song at a wedding. So, I decided to include those too!

If you’re struggling with finding that *perfect* song to dance with your boo to, look no further! I’ve curated over 100 songs that will give you those mushy gushy feels, perfect for making your loved ones tear up! Whether you want your favorite pop love ballad from the radio, a romantic classic, or something a little ~different~ to switch it up on your guests, I’m sure I’ve got choices that are perfect for you!

Below you’ll see some categories I’ve created to help you get some ideas of where to start, but you can find the whole playlist HERE! Happy listening & wedding planning! 💕

A newlywed couple singing to each other as they share their first dance.

My Favorite Top 15 Popular First Dance Songs

1. You Are The Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne

2. Forever Like That- Ben Rector (He has sooo many good choices!! Can’t go wrong with anything by Ben Rector.)

3. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (Tumblr indie love song at its finest- I will always love this song and any cover of it!!)

4. Photograph- Ed Sheeran (honestly, most of his songs are so good for first dance songs!)

5. Take The World- Johnnyswim

6. Lover- Taylor Swift (Honestly a modern classic for lovebirds!)

7. Lucky- Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

8. Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron and Wine (The wedding version from Breaking Dawn is sooo sweet and gentle. They knew what they were doin’ with those soundtracks!)

9. Marry Me- Train

10. Stuck With U- Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

11. All Of Me- John Legend

12. Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur

13. Forever After All- Luke Combs

14. It’s Your Love- Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (an absolute bop!! If you don’t love this song you’re lying!)

15. Love Your Love The Most- Eric Church (I’m not much of a country girl which doesn’t fit my Texas gal upbringing, but this song is super sweet!)

A couple sharing their first dance as newlyweds, with the bride crying.

My Favorite Top 10 Classic First Dance Songs

Romantic, classy vibes that you’ll never get tired of.

1. L-O-V-E- Nat King Cole (An absolute classic! I hear this and am instantly thinking of one of my favorite movies, The Parent Trap! If you don’t love that movie, you are wrong. :-))

2. At Last- Etta James

3. Come Away With Me- Norah Jones

4. Fly Me To The Moon- Frank Sinatra

5. La Vie En Rose- Emily Watts (Ok, I realize this version isn’t a “classic” but it’s one of my faves!)

6. Can’t Help Falling In Love- Elvis Presley

7. The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra

8. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons- Nat King Cole or Ella Fitzgerald (both versions are so dreamy!!)

9. Dancing In the Moonlight- King Harvest

10. It Had To Be You- Harry Connick Jr., or Frank Sinatra

A newlywed couple laughing as they share their first dance.

My Favorite Top 10 Cover Songs Perfect for First Dances

1. This Must Be The Place- Iron and Wine (One of my favorite covers of all time. Absolutely wonderful.)

2. Friday I’m In Love- Janet Devlin

3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love- Branches

4. Better Together- Us The Duo (honestly love the original version of this song immensely, but this is an amazing cover!)

5. Earth Angel- Death Cab For Cutie (I have always adored this song and my favorite band made a cover of it- yes please?!)

6. Can’t Help Falling In Love- Haley Reinhart

7. Baby I’m Yours- Arctic Monkeys

8. Simply The Best- The Hound + The Fox (Schitt’s Creek vibessss)

9. Home- Edith Whiskers (Made popular by TikTok, beloved song that I love so much!)

10. I Like Me Better- Jonah Baker

A newlywed couple sharing their first dance at their wedding reception.

My Top 20 Unique First Dance Songs

Songs that I hardly (if ever!) hear at weddings, and I think would be super cute and unique to use!

1. You and I- Ingrid Michaelson (My first dance song with my husband. :’) This song has been “our song” since 2012! It’s so sweet and short. Plus Ingrid Michaelson has the voice of an angel.)

2. I Was Born To Love You- Ray LaMontagne

3. Green Eyes- Coldplay (This was my friends’ first dance song, and lemme tell you how I BAWLED during their first dance…)

4. I Got You- Jack Johnson (This man’s voice melts my heart- so many goodies from him!)

5. Q&A- Kishi Bashi (If you’re an acoustic indie lover like me and want something you’ll probably never hear at most weddings, this is ittttt.)

6. The Luckiest- Ben Folds (This song makes me tear up everyyyyy time- so good!)

7. Heaven’s Knife- Josh Garrels

8. Honeymoon- Johnny Stimson

9. First Try- Johnnyswim

10. Wedding Song- The Well Pennies

11. I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You- Imaginary Future, Kinna Grannis

12. Grow As We Go- Ben Platt

13. This Too Shall Last- Anderson East

14. XO- John Mayer

15. You’re Still The One- Shania Twain (I don’t know if it died out as popular or what, but this song is a classic and incredibly deserving as a first dance song!!)

16. First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes (Play this at your wedding and I’ll 100% be crying!)

17. Oh, It Is Love- Hellogoodbye (I loved this song in middle school, and it still stands as an excellent love song!)

18. Once In A Lifetime- Landon Austin

19. The World Could End With You- Llunr

20. Honeybee- The Head and the Heart

A newlywed couple sharing their first dance at their wedding reception.

The end!

Hope you enjoyed these first dance song ideas!! I think everyone deserves to have a first dance song they love and connect with, and I hope these lists and my playlist help you to find the perfect song for your wedding day. Think I left any of your favorites out? Let me know what I’m missing and help me make this playlist even better! Email me at or contact me here!

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