that 's me, the big goober behind the camera







that 's me, the big goober behind the camera

that's me, the big goober behind the camera

I'm an extroverted introvert, Enneagram 9,  equal parts April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer kinda gal. I consider myself a professional at awkwardly dancing like no one's watching, much to the dismay of my competitive dancing past. My husband is my high school sweetie and we've been together over a decade. 🥰 I am wildly passionate about making Spotify playlists and have one for just about every occasion. Halloween is definitively the best holiday- spooky stuff is my JAM. Aaaaand last but not least: I'm a firm believer in taking goofy photos because embracing your inner goob is fun as hell- plus chunkin' up the deuce (peace signs) or being dorky makes me feel just a *little* bit cooler. 

Unlike the Power Puff Girls who were created with sugar, spice, and everything nice, I was made of sass, clumsiness, and a lil dash of sarcasm.

heyo! I'm allison.


Concerts & live music, making Spotify playlists, finding new music, jammin' with the volume allll the way up in the car, collecting vinyls, poorly playing the piano, ALL OF IT. Music is one of my favorite things on this planet, and I simply couldn't live without it.

13 year old al with pete wentz!

My absolute goober of a husband David, and the light of my life, my sweet pup Sarge. :''') My best friends in the whole wide world.

Getting down on the dance floor at weddings!! If your music is bumpin', I'll be there jumpin' 😎

real footage of me dancing to my fav wedding jam

My vices: Bagel Bites (#1 fan since 2001), Death Cab for Cutie, Parks and Recreation, smelling the florals throughout a wedding day, taking naps on rainy days, Harry Potter, books by Sarah J. Maas, and collecting Disney pins 

Traveling!!!!! I'm always wanting to explore new places, cultures, and fooood. If you're thinking of eloping somewhere fun and want personal paparazzi to follow ya around, count me in!

My top 5 must haves for life: 
1. sunscreen (have you seen how pale I am?????)
2. music, audiobooks, and podcasts
3. Orthopedic shoes 😎
4. board and card games 
5. a good hair tie

i absolutely adore...

Whether it was my tiny Barbie polaroid I got as a toddler, the terrible quality camera on my flip phones, my lime green digital camera that accompanied me through high school, or the film cameras gifted to me by family and friends, I've been documenting anything and everything I could since the late 90s. I was always that friend taking photos everywhere we went- sneaking my camera into school to take weird bathroom selfies, desperately holding onto it during rollercoasters to film our screams, taking it on walks around my neighborhood to capture anything that was (and wasn't) interesting. I quickly developed an attentiveness to small details and an appreciation for simple, beautiful moments. Today, I'm a vintage camera collecting, obsessed-with-nostalgia, memory curator for a living, and I'm able to live a life making art that I am incredibly proud of.

baby al 's finest artwork

Ever since I can remember, I've had some kind of camera in my hand.

Now, I get to help people preserve their most precious memories, too.

My biggest goal as a photographer is to make sure my images truly represent who you are and what your wedding day felt like. No two couples or weddings are the same, and you deserve to be treated like the unique lil unicorn that you are! Whether you need someone who is a Taylor Swift Stan level of obsessed with you gushing about how amazing you look, or someone to just hang and make jokes with, I am ready and waiting to tell your story, your way.

Tell me more!

you matter.
your love matters.
you are welcome here.

I strive to make my business a welcome and loving one. Whether we work together or not, above all else, I want you to know that you are loved, you are worthy of love, and you deserve to be celebrated. If that's something that resonates with you, you're my type of person. 

you matter.
your love matters.
you are welcome here.

let's be friends